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Let the future of robots become as you know deep down underneath it is the only way forward the human race can procede.The robotics are the answer to all health organ and limb replacements and make the human race what it is truely intended by the creator to become.

The robot is the human race future and all resources must be put in to making this happen,not just robot pets and peoples organs and limbs but the whole seen and including internet controlled electric 30mph cars and robot army and robot controlled artificial realistic women,as this is the up and coming main interest of the human race,and very good also.Look on the search engines for these results.

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sorry i deleted this one.

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soory i deleted this one.

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Sorry i deleted this one,but WWW.IROBOTMOVIE.COM NEW FILM GOOD.

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Blade runner was the true origins or the future robot idea in films,needs researching again by people,brilliant film.

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