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Sorry i deleted this one,but WWW.IROBOTMOVIE.COM NEW FILM GOOD.

6 Aug 2004 (updated 14 Aug 2004 at 12:49 UTC) »

Blade runner was the true origins or the future robot idea in films,needs researching again by people,brilliant film.

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Do you know the near future of this developed world is the advancement of human robotic parts for medicine and the human evolution is all layed out in the robotic adapatation (when needed), in order to make the human race immortal with no pain or illness thru robot parts and robotic limbs and adaptation of all robotic organs to help the people.Search all the searxh engines on robotic parts and robotic human limbs and robotic adaptation extra.

Robot limbs.organs. parts are the future essential for human beings and obvious and like these new reports by steve show it is getting good now.If you have robot parts,limbs and organs for humans then does this mean a mass reduction in human race suffering in this world ??????,I think So,Future,I think So.

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