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hi i havent been on for awile but anyhow whats up and i have a couple of questions for those who can answer.... i know this might sound newbish but wich is better the next step carrier or the basic atom carrier for a mini sumo bot? Which programming language does the atom use and is it easier/harder than BASIC? Your answers will and are apressiated(wow that spelling sucked)and i hope to find the answer to this.......................WOW that was nebish O'well, later/cheers

Hello today i have just been reading my new book Programming and Customizing the BASIC stamp by Scott Edwards. This is a great book and a must have, this book is perfect for beginners and anyone else intrested in learning more about the BASIC stamp. It introduces the fundumentals of the BASIC stamp in an easy to understand format. The same company(mc graw hill/osborne) also makes a programming and custimizing book for the oopic. If i were to rate this books i would give it a 10 out of 10. Well later days- Nitro

Hello: Today i have just been browsing the web looking at the latest robotic news and products while doing research for my sumo Hinoki v.1. Last time i made an entry on my sumo bot Hinoki v.1 it had some erors so just to update you, Hinoki v.1 features a Next Step microcontroller with a bs2, 2 to 4 devantech ultrasonic ranger sensors(URS), Dual single line detectors for edge detection, and two lynxmotion deluxe 2.5"D x 1.5"W Sumo tires (Its form of locomotion is wheeled) powered by two Gear head motors which makes its top speed 36" per second. All of this covered by a triangular polycarbonate shell. Well this has been the latest entry in about a month so i will try to post more often. Just so you know dont be looking for Hinoki v.1 just yet it still has to be finished but when it is i will add it to the robomenu as soon as possible. Later days! -NITRO

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Finally im back from my summer vacation. Well resently i am getting info for entering my sumo (Hinoki v.1) in the November 8, 2003 CIRC sumo contest. I will write an entree to update you on this subject

Regards, Nitro

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Hey, i just updated my FAUST project check it out and if you do have any type of info or experince e-mail me. I have kinda put my micro mouse aside for now on the account of i need to finish my sumo and the next compitition is not intil a few months. If you wish to know a tad more than what is listed in my prev. entree about my sumo there will be a project intitled Hinoki v.1 in the very near future.

sorry i havent been on for awile i have been busy with my robot disining/building and school. Currently i am finishing up my sumobot and making plans for my third robot. But sense school is out i will have alot more time to work and hopfully i will accomplish more things. My sumo bot fetures a oopic microcontroller, two LED (ir) single line detectors(edge detectors), 2 or 4 ultrasonic range detectors(urs), and a polycarbonate shell. Its form of locamotion are treads which are driven by to "dc" motors. There is still more to add so when it is finished i will post an entry listing all of its statistics. And hopefully i will be able to have the time to send photographs in to the robomenu. My next robot i hope will be a walker, it will just be a multi-purpose robot. Even though i desire to build a micro-mouse i guess that will have to wait. -NITRO

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