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Hello: Today i have just been browsing the web looking at the latest robotic news and products while doing research for my sumo Hinoki v.1. Last time i made an entry on my sumo bot Hinoki v.1 it had some erors so just to update you, Hinoki v.1 features a Next Step microcontroller with a bs2, 2 to 4 devantech ultrasonic ranger sensors(URS), Dual single line detectors for edge detection, and two lynxmotion deluxe 2.5"D x 1.5"W Sumo tires (Its form of locomotion is wheeled) powered by two Gear head motors which makes its top speed 36" per second. All of this covered by a triangular polycarbonate shell. Well this has been the latest entry in about a month so i will try to post more often. Just so you know dont be looking for Hinoki v.1 just yet it still has to be finished but when it is i will add it to the robomenu as soon as possible. Later days! -NITRO

8 Jul 2003 (updated 8 Jul 2003 at 16:19 UTC) »

Finally im back from my summer vacation. Well resently i am getting info for entering my sumo (Hinoki v.1) in the November 8, 2003 CIRC sumo contest. I will write an entree to update you on this subject

Regards, Nitro

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Hey, i just updated my FAUST project check it out and if you do have any type of info or experince e-mail me. I have kinda put my micro mouse aside for now on the account of i need to finish my sumo and the next compitition is not intil a few months. If you wish to know a tad more than what is listed in my prev. entree about my sumo there will be a project intitled Hinoki v.1 in the very near future.

sorry i havent been on for awile i have been busy with my robot disining/building and school. Currently i am finishing up my sumobot and making plans for my third robot. But sense school is out i will have alot more time to work and hopfully i will accomplish more things. My sumo bot fetures a oopic microcontroller, two LED (ir) single line detectors(edge detectors), 2 or 4 ultrasonic range detectors(urs), and a polycarbonate shell. Its form of locamotion are treads which are driven by to "dc" motors. There is still more to add so when it is finished i will post an entry listing all of its statistics. And hopefully i will be able to have the time to send photographs in to the robomenu. My next robot i hope will be a walker, it will just be a multi-purpose robot. Even though i desire to build a micro-mouse i guess that will have to wait. -NITRO

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