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Hi again all :)

maybe I have missed a link somewhere in this site but I can't find any place to post simple questions. Myself and a couple of friends are looking to build an entry to Robot Wars (UK version) and this means working with technologies we have little experience with - such as high power controllers and batteries etc. If we can collect enough information and money and our tests go well (in the physics dept. at the uni ...) we will have a go and I will likely put up a project on this site. However, in the mean time, I would very much appreciate any comments anyone has on the following:

Batteries - most people say lead acid or gell cell but some comments about high capacity NiCad or NiMH are starting to surface. Any experience anyone?

Digital radio control on the 40MHz band - I'm used to radio control using the 433MHz band and packet switched radio systems. Can anyone point me towards such systems on the 40MHz band (I need a system that can work with changable crystals as well...)

Digital compass - I have spotted a couple. Has anyone had any experience of these? Esp. the accuracy around large metal objects (such as other robots!).

Oh, and can anyone suggest a better way to ask these questions than in a diary entry?!

you can contact me at robots@far-blue.co.uk - Thanks :)

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