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3 May 2003 (updated 3 May 2003 at 21:17 UTC) »

We are staring to make a pathfinder robot.... the team members are :

1)Farshad Arvin (Programming) (22 Years Old -Hardware- Iran)

2)Mehdi Davtalab (Mechanic) (Mechanic engeneer-Iran)

3)Mohsen Dehghan (Electronic) (21 Years - Electronics-Iran)

4)Amin Shariati (Programming)(21 Years-Hardware-Iran)


we are prepareing our self for our first robot competetion..(It's our first time that we want to make robots...)

Day 1-3 ------- collecting Informations about robots

Day 3-5 ------- Buying parts

Day 6 ------- Creating the sensors...

Day 7 ------- Desinging the mechanical part

Day 8 ------- Started programming

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