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Robots: European Robotics

In this episode, Sabine Hauert talks to main stakeholders in European Robotics at the European Robotics Forum in Vienna. Cécile Huet, Deputy Head of the Robotics Unit at the European Commission, gives us an overview of the new wave of robotics projects funded under Horizon2020, with a focus on robots that can help people and drive application. She also tells us about the tools available to fund the full pipeline from research projects to hubs of excellence in robotics. Uwe Haass, previous Secretary General of the non-profit EURobotics AISBL, tells us about the association's work to develop a roadmap for European Robotics and bring industry and academia closer. Together, the European Commission and EURobotics form a public-private partnership named SPARC which invests over €2.8 billion in robotics.

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