27 Jul 2002 motters   » (Master)

I've written a small demo program to calculate optical flow from an attached webcam. The program works quite nicely and zips along at 20fps on my 1.7GHz P4. At present it's written using the only C++ compiler I have to hand, Borland C++ Builder version 4, and I've got no idea what DLLs you would need to run the executable standalone since the help system is pretty vague on that score.

Anyhow, the general idea is to use optical flow information to help my Rodney robot recognise certain types of gesture. The prime candidates are head nodding/shaking and finger/arm pointing. These elementary social events together with other information from speech recognition all help to give the robot important clues about what is going on and where it's attention should be focused.

If anyone wants to have a go at porting the program to MFC or KDE I'd be interested to have a look at the results, since I havn't really done much C++ programming for years.


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