25 May 2009 motters   » (Master)

Have done more testing this weekend and fixed some important bugs. It transpired that there was still a "glitch" issue with the direction of one of the encoders reversing seemingly at random, but I've managed to work around that. Also the motion control and joystick servers are now talking together as they should.

I need to write a new utility program which will allow me to visualise the occupancy grids after doing an initial joystick guided training run. This should allow me to check that things look as I expect them to.

I've also ordered one of the Minoru 3D webcams. Apparently these are UVC compliant and will work on Linux. If I can get a pair of images out of the device this would make an excellent replacement for the existing stereo cameras, whilst also solving my V4L1 issues. However, even if the Minoru does look like a usable stereo camera I'll need to assess image quality and field of view compared to the existing cameras which I'm using.

Wheel odometry is now calibrated, and repeatability looks good over short distances, such that the rate of increase in pose uncertainty should be unmanageably small.

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