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Still plodding on with Dr Cynthia's book whilst sitting in the museum park in York with some bizarre medieval festival going on in the background. I'm sure that people of the tudor period didn't smoke cigarettes or use mobile phones. But anyway, there's a lot of interesting an potentially useful stuff in there, and the way that the behaviors and emotions are implemented seems neat.

I was watching some of the videos on the CD which comes with the book. The frame rate for Kismet's vision system seems ok, even with quite a lot of stuff going on at a 128x128 resolution. By contrast Rodney's vision system is much slower than the reputed 40Hz rate of Kismet, so I've started porting the vision system which I wrote in VB to C++. I'm using the only C++ compiler I have - Borland C++ Builder version 4 - and the improvement in the performance of Rodney's vision system simply by going from one language to another is impressive. Using C++ I can easily do all the necessary processing and still maintain the 33Hz frame rate of the quickcam. The performance is so good in fact that it might become practical to detect eyes within an image of a face by their occasional blinking.

So the next version of Rodney's vision system will probably be in C++. The only question is how to make the C++ program communicate with the robot's other modules. For this I might use UDP rather than microsoft's proprietory COM technology, because that would mean that the program would be easier to port to linux at a later date.

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