11 Jan 2009 motters   » (Master)

Woooo. What's this I see? A new look to robots.net? The new look is ok, but when you click on recent blog entries they're grotesquely centre justified!

Anyway, the odometry stuff is coming along nicely. Fairly run-o-the-mill differential drive malarkey. Most of this I can develop and test purely in simulation, which assists the software validation.

The path through which the robot moves is reconstructed from the wheel odometry, then I'm doing some post-processing to ensure there is some minimal sensible distance between points along the path, and using a b-spline to smooth out any sudden turns. The resulting path should be fairly graceful. At this stage the path is calculated in a very simplistic way, totally ignoring any attempt to model the inherent uncertainties. This is a start, but will get more complex later on.

I might also attempt to build an odometry model, explicitly taking into account the systematic errors, but for initial tests I'll stick with a naive implementation and see whether the accuracy seems acceptable.

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