30 Nov 2008 motters   » (Master)

Added some code which compresses the stereo images and odometry into a single file when training is stopped. This makes the handling of different training sets much easier to administer, and also saves on storage space. Given the size of current hard disks storage is not an issue, but it might be in future if I want to install the software onto a flash disk based system.

There's still an annoying bug where the I/O server and motion control server appear to lock up. I'm not yet certain what the cause of this is. CPU usage, even when the cameras are running appears to be nominal (actually running Firefox or Nautilus eats far more CPU power!).This might be a thread lock, or possibly a bug in the phidgets driver (fortunately these are open source, so I should be able to locate the problem if this is the case). The other possible candidate is a USB bandwidth overload, but the problem still seems to occur even when the robot is not moving (i.e. no encoder/motor events are being generated).

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