20 Nov 2008 motters   » (Master)

Poised to do the first data gathering run with the GROK2 robot I fired up the stereo vision server only to find that there seems to be some sort of fundamental regression with V4L1 webcams in Ubuntu Intrepid. Testing with fswebcam shows that frame grabbing from V4L1 devices is definitely broken.

This means that I could spend a lot of time trying to find out how to fix what I think may be a kernel problem, or alternatively downgrade to the previous version of Ubuntu. It's another frustrating setback, but there have been many during the development of this robot, so I'm quite accustomed to such things.

[supplemental] Yep. Reverting to kernel version 2.6.24 and fswebcam behaves normally. This is definitely a kernel snafu.

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