21 Sep 2008 motters   » (Master)

Added a speed control mode to the motion control software for GROK2. This allows the robot to be easily and smoothly jogged around using the joystick. At this point I have various software services which handle different aspects of the robot's operations, which can potentially be run concurrently (i.e. scales well with multiple CPU cores) and which could also run on different computers on a network - a sort of virtual robot network (VRN) if you like.

The next step is to write another service called "training". This recruits some of the other services and allows the robot to be moved with the joystick whilst gathering data from its various sensors. The resulting data sets can then be used to optimize the SLAM algorithm so that good maps result.

From a strict efficiency point of view the software on GROK2 is not optimal, but the way that I've written it should make it robust to changes of hardware and also scalable across multiple cores and networked computers.

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