2 Dec 2007 motters   » (Master)

Added multi-threading to the stereo correspondence part of the software, so that when multiple stereo cameras are used together with a multi-core CPU the processing load is more evenly distributed. The processing time for dense stereo correspondence on a 2GHz processor is now about 50 milliseconds, since I've introduced a fast binarization step and am making greater use of vertical context. The bulk of the time is now not actually in the matching but the integral image calculation, which is very unlikely to be significantly improved upon.

I've got some electronics on order and mobile robot testing is hopefully going to commence in January, after a lot of delay and dithering (all of which is hardware related - the software is pretty much ready to run). Once I have something proven to work I'll release an initial alpha version of the software and a detailed description of how to independently reproduce the result (at last, robotics may yet become a proper science!).

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