11 May 2005 motters   » (Master)

Well its been quite some time since I last posted on this diary. My work situation has been all over the place since the end of last year, so I havn't done all that much on robotics projects. I'm now unemployed, so I've got plenty of time but no money. Probably nothing much will happen until I can get a new job of some sort to finance my robotics habit.

Robocore is on hold at the moment, and over the last few months I started a few other projects. One of them is a vision system for microscopes called "littlepeek". The main aim of that system is to analyse photos of living cells and extract information about the nuclei which can be used for cancer diagnosis. It's an interesting problem, and could bring real medical benefit if I could persuade anyone to back it. The other project is a simplified version of my stereo vision system. This is a boxed version of the vision system on my two humanoids, and could also potentially become a commercial product.

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