7 Jan 2005 motters   » (Master)

I'm now working on transfering the robocore system from simulation onto my Flint robot. One interesting thing which I've discovered almost by accident is that the robot is able to move its eyes in a similar way to a person.

If you rotate your head your eyes don't move in a similarly smooth fashion but instead as a series of jumps, known as saccades. The robot is also now able to do this. As its head is rotated it can keep its eyes fixated on an object. As the head carries on moving around it eventually is unable to track the object and the eyes move suddenly to another visible target.

The result looks quite lifelike, but apart from cosmetic appearance its also a useful feature. I'm hoping to develop this a bit further so that the robot can visually judge distances to objects with reasonable accuracy, using only a single camera and movements of the head.

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