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Work on Robocore continues. I've implemented secondary neural maps for colour, shape and texture categorisation and have also included an IT (inferior temporal) map which is a kind of meta-map classifying the three earlier ones. Shape categories are formed based upon the radial wave method described in Steve Grands recent book about his robot.

The resulting simulation works (the robot moves towards blue blocks and avoids red ones), but to become a more general system capable of being run on a real robot some additional components are needed. The next stage is to implement the notorious "thalamocortical loop" which forms the crux of the dynamic core theory. This might be tricky and involves some close scrutiny of Edelman's often cryptic writing style. One key property of the dynamic core is the ability to automate common behaviors. For example, learning to ride a bike initially involves a lot of conscious effort, but once you have learned it just becomes automatic and you don't really have to think about it.

It seems that the forum idea on my web site was a mistake. Someone emailed me offering to host a forum, but now it seems that their server is down and the forum has been inaccessible for an awfully long time. Appologies to anyone who tried to post but couldn't.

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