9 Oct 2004 motters   » (Master)

I now have a little forum on my site, which hopefully will allow people to ask or look up answers to questions about the various robotics projects on my site.


In other news, I'm now beginning to work on a new piece of software which I've called "robocore". This is an implementation of the "dynamic core" hypothesis developed by Gerald Edelman. Edelman did try to test his theory using a series of robotics experiments called "Darwin", but to my knowledge the more advanced parts of his ideas about consciousness have never been tested experimentally.

The nice thing about robocore is that it is entirely self-organising. Concepts of various kinds may arrise spontaneously according to a selectionist principle without explicit supervision. Edelman's original Darwin experiments included quite detailed simulations of neurons and their interconnections, but in order to keep things as simple as possible my implememtation only preserves the basic essence of the theory, such as topological organisation, value mediated association and reciprocal connections between cortical maps.

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