26 Jan 2003 motters   » (Master)

I've now done some reorganisation of Rodney's control system and turned it into a subsumption architecture. Previously the main part of the control program - called "executive control" - wasn't particularly well structured, having been hacked about rather a lot during development.

Using the subsumption system makes it much easier for me to add and test new behaviors without disturbing older ones too much.

Using the new ASC-16 controller I've been able to get significantly better movement of the robot, with control over speed and acceleration of the servos. Consequently I've improved the "blink" behavior so that it looks a lot more realistic.

I've implemented a crude 3D occupancy grid in the style of Moravec. This doesn't work brilliantly at the moment, and I'm not sure that my maths is correct for transforming camera coordinates into 3D coordinates. It needs more testing and debugging, but I think in principle I should be able to get it to work (although it won't be as accurate as Moravec's system).

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