20 Oct 2002 motters   » (Master)

Have been experimenting with various webcams which I might use for the next version of Rodney. All the cameras which I've tried have Direct Media compatible drivers, so that I can access a pair of cameras simultaneously.

The tiny Digital Dream L'espion is about the size of a matchbox and produces an image which is similar in quality to the Quickcam Express. It's very lightweight and would be ideal for a robot of some sort, but I think the way that the USB cable plugs into the side might make it awkward to incorperate into a stereo vision head.

I also have an old pair of USB ZoomCams. I originally intended to use these on the first version of Rodney, but decided against it because the drivers under windows 98 were a bit dodgy to put it mildly. However, under winXP the drivers seem ok. The main advantage of this camera is the quality of the image, which looks significantly cleaner and less grainy than the Quickcams. If I take off the outer shell of the camera to expose the bare circuit it looks like it would be relatively easy to mount this so that it could have both vertical and horizontal movement. I could maybe use half of a ping-pong ball to cover the electronics and make it look aesthetically more like an eye.

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