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I've rewritten the motion detection system for my Rodney robot so that it's now much more similar to the type of motion tracking found on more expensive robots like Cog. This is really a substantial improvement on the previous system and is able to detect distinct target areas within the image.

Previously I just used a system which calculated a global "centre of motion" coordinate within the whole image and used this to direct the robot's head. The new system is more accurate in that it isolates individual moving parts of the image and moves a small foveal region to zoom in on that area. At present the region of the image selected to be highlighted by the fovea is just the biggest moving part of the image, but potentially other criteria could be used to select from multiple "attention boxes" which may appear from time to time.

Typically a lot of the motion which the robot sees is me sitting in front of it, so the fovea seems to spend a lot of time focused on my face. Later on I could maybe use this for face recognition, or recognition of different facial expressions.

Although the new motion detector is designed for use on the robot the program here is completely independent from it, so all you need is a single Video For Windows compatible webcam to try it out.


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