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2 May 2001 (updated 2 May 2001 at 18:42 UTC) »

COMPLETED! My 'BUMPY' robot just got completed and it works just great. It had to undergo some major modifications before it started 'bumping' around. To begin with, I tried to use home made geared motors but they turned out to be very noisy. Then I tried to use them directly and ended up spinning the robot round-n-round at the same place. After I overcame this problem I had to face another one. The motors were too noisy (this time in the electromagnetic sense). I thought that the antennas of the bump switch were catching the noise so I decided to insulate them and reduce their size but neither of them worked. At last out of utter frustration I disassembled the body and began building a new one (after a long goodnight sleep). This time everything just turned out to be perfect! (Sometimes a sleep is all you need) This robot building experience has been a very good teacher. So no matter how easy a robot design may be, you always learn something new and useful and that's all that matters. GO AHEAD CREATE YOUR OWN ROBOT!

IT WORKED! After lots of trials and errors, finally my circuit for the 'BUMPY' robot worked. Now I'll move on to the next step, designing the PCB for it. At the same time the circuit for my walking robot also worked. But for now I'll concentrate on BUMPY. I have yet to decide the body for it. I guess it would be sort of something funky (or slick?). I am still in search of good pair of geared motors. May be I'll have to make them myself. That's all for now.

18 Mar 2001 (updated 19 Mar 2001 at 14:10 UTC) »

Today I started with a simple 'BUMPY' robot project. I have made use of the IC-555 timer circuit. Basically this robot bumps into any thing that comes in its way and then turns a few degrees and goes in forward direction again. I plan to add an infrared sensor instead of bump switch, in the future. My search is on for a perfect pair of motors with a range of 1.5-2 volts, hope to find them soon. That's all for now, I will let you know about the progress soon. If you have any suggestions, do let me know.

8 Mar 2001 (updated 9 Mar 2001 at 07:44 UTC) »

Well,i don't have much experience in writting a diary. Anyway,in this coming summer vacation i plan to get involved in multiple robotics projects.i plan to work around the BEAM theory(invented by Mark Tilden). see u soon.

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