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Some time has passed since the last blog. Numerous things have developed in regards to humanoids, bipeds, and inventions. Things were so busy that I simply didn't have the time to update all the accomplishments.

Summary Briefly outlined, my work included over a thousand computer programs - written for robots, VR was expanded ten fold, two supercomputers were designed and built, one 3D computer was invented, and dozens of sensors were interfaced and utilized. Twelve new robots were built and programmed. The results? New robots. Increased computing power. More AI. Lots of inventions. Articles and papers were published, a new robotics magazine was born, and great spinoff technology has appeared. I was not idle in any way...

Spinoff Technology For example, one spinoff of the technology invented is a doctor robot. It uses all non-invasive procedures to examine a human, without touching. In the future, not only exams but surgery as well will be noninvasive, without touching the human.

3D Computer The newest invention is a 3D computer - a kind of innovative revelation in computers. It takes advantage of multidimensional computing where not only hardware but software as well, can exist in the planes of multidimensional realms. How we define and utilize these realms is mind changing and truly something wonderful!

12 Brains These projects seem to grow continuously, i.e. a single robot was interfaced to a supercomputer that gave the robot 12 brains for immense computational power. This is part of an ongoing project to increase the thought abilities and brain power capacities of a single robot, autonomously.

Supercomputers Also using the first supercomputer, an analysis of a portion of the brain cortex was simplistically initiated but within the center of all the complexity to achieve some startling results.

Linked Supercomputers In another project, I have linked two supercomputers. This has resulted in not only massive new power, but led to new things that were never before imagined.

Books & Papers I'm writing several books at the same time, publishing more papers, and setting up a computer that will follow me around when I travel so as to never lose a thought. Hopefully I can get some of these projects written up for this blog in more detail.

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