22 Apr 2007 mikegotis   » (Journeyer)

Plans are advancing well towards the completion of all new web sites, in particular for robotics, inclusive of humanoid robots. Other web pages may include robotic telescopes, optics, space time equations, and the OBS. One or more pages should include the assortment of various inventions. In particular, I'd like to open up sections for humanoid AI programming, to build up a reference library of functions.

Battery research is continuing, and a study of the effects of voltage levels upon servos. Servos are quite sensitive to drops in supply voltage. The study is named SSB - Servo Study of Batteries. It's inclusive of determining the effects of voltage regulators and stability based on battery voltage.

In order for humanoids function properly, a clean voltage regulated source is primary. Battery technology is still archaic, and new more powerful sources, such as LiPo can be dangerous if not properly handled. However, for the time being, the use of batteries is inevitable until Honda develops a fuel cell for Asimo and that technology filters down.

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