6 Mar 2007 mikegotis   » (Journeyer)

I'm preparing for another Humanoid Robotics International trip. This exposition leaves several choices - China, Japan, and Korea as the top three. The knowledge and experiences from these trips are paramount. Japan is the host of ROBO-ONE 11 around this date. Korea is one of the top leaders in humanoid products. China is noted for its manufacturing environment. It's going to be a tough decision.

This week, the software in the pc is being updated by correcting the bugs in the new IE7. This version of IE is now removed and has been replaced with a more reliable Mozilla browser with greater security.

Backup issues are now solved using large external storage devices. This helps greatly as the computers can now be hosed on a regular basis while retaining the data safely.

Several new projects, ongoing, were introduced in the past 2 weeks. These now include various personality behaviors for the prime humanoid. The Massive Humanoid Index (MHI) was established and one PT (Personality Trait) was updated.

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