13 Feb 2007 mikegotis   » (Journeyer)

HONG KONG HUMANOID ASSESSMENT I just arrived home from a trip to Hong Kong. Assessed the environment for humanoid robotics development, parts suppliers, technology, location, etc. I will develop an environmental report detailing essentials for humanoid robotics in the Asian Arena.

HUMANOID MICROCONTROLLER RELIABILITY PROGRAM Opened up a new research program regarding increased reliability in microcontroller chip technology, and the examination of several designs that could be implemented in a minimal time frame.

HUMANOID CONTROL PROGRAM I'm also looking at developing a visual software humanoid robotics control program to handle higher ordered functions in H-WYSIWYG-OS format.

NEURAL NET KNOWLEDGE SCANNER A forum member has pointed to a site regarding how a biological function can be incorporated into airplane flight. Using a different technique and extrapolating, I can see an application of processing vision in real time. If time permits, a project will be opened, either for vision multidimensional processor or for a thought processor to handle a constant motion back and forth neural net knowledge scanner.

SINGAPORE HUMANOID ROBOTICS REVIEWED Time was issued for a study of humanoid robotics technology in Singapore. These methods were very interesting, and this is the first phase of this direction implemented.

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