8 Dec 2006 mikegotis   » (Journeyer)

The humanoid Manatron project is complete. It's a remarkable symbiotic union of technologies. It's led to unbelievable things! Expanding, I've moved on with two new bipeds, both advanced humanoids. The first is undergoing final wiring constructs with programming, designed to become a market product.

The second is standing by the closet waiting for a head. It represents a quantum leap of technology - bridging the gap between now and the future. A parts order will arrive today or tomorrow. Then work will continue on humanoid #2.

Since moving to the Republic of China from the USA, boxes are still arriving by mail and work includes setting up home and a humanoid robotics laboratory. There's a tiny library of books - language, electronics, robotics, programming and engineering next to the lab. The shelves overflow with various assorted robots and humanoid parts. There's humanoid stuff stowed in the closet, under the bed, in desk drawers, on shelves, and in boxes!

Since the startup company (Humanoid Robotics Laboratory), things are rapidly progressing. In the Asian Arena, there's access to a new world of humanoid robotics technology. There's hundreds of computer and electronics parts stores, a SONY store with many robots, governments that support humanoid robots, companies developing their own humanoids to demonstrate their advanced technologies, and thousands of hobbyists - each with their own versions of walking humanoids. Here, not all robots are seen as terminators out to destroy mankind, but rather as benign constructive helping robots.

A big plus living here is easy access to many trade robotics shows such as Robodex, RoboOne, etc. I can only describe my experience like a voyage to another planet - a real dream come true, even if I must run the air conditioner from time to time in December. :-)

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