31 Aug 2004 mikegotis   » (Journeyer)

mikegotis - Now that Manatron humanoid robot is completed, it will be interesting to run more experiments on the humanoid language core. Though there are memory constrains, it's still quite possible to expand the speech capabilities using a programmable matrix. It would be nice to have a light cube of known refractory index to hold the speech buffer and develop a lightspeed holo version. That kind of light compression allows multiple channels and much greater language capacity (multi-languages). When you shoot through language rays, you truly feel like a pilot of a lightspeed galaxy class star ship! Using monochromatic single sourced laser light allows trail and density viewings by ocular inspection. To let you know how serious I've become about HLC, I recently purchased 40 monochromatic lasers to substantially increase the number of three dimensional light channels. Currently that gives more power than I can use at the moment. Although these paths are currently micrometrically positioned, I can envision a computerized system with ms timing, automatically positioned.

It's interesting to note Alta Vista translators and similar have steadily increased the number of languges that can be translated bidirectionally. The method of translation is to translate each word and then its left up to the listener or reader to decipher the meanings, brute force if you will. In the humanoid language core however, we can choose the modus operandi, and specify the constraints. We therefore have greater language controls. Mike Otis

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