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more on manatron!!!

MANaTRON built by Mike G. Otis - mikegotis@yahoo.com

MANaTRON humanoid is an autonomous biped robot that accomplishes a lot with only 6 servos - walk, talk, see, balance, dance, and Tai Chi Martial Arts. Its success is due to a handful of networked Basic Stamp computers and an innovative light weight aluminum exoskeleton.

Taking two years to build from 2002 to 2004, he?TM]s the latest ?enumber five†in a family of robots, and the first biped humanoid in this series. There were ten variations of MANaTRON named ?ePrimary Tertiary Adjunct (1 to 10) of ten†as a tribute to Seven of Nine in Star Trek.

A programmable robotic voice, based on the popular GI- SPO256 speech synthesizer chip and a custom language core, forms speech in 6 languages.

MANaTRON has motion controlled feet, legs, arms, torso, and head, using hobby servos and tiny computer networks. Multiple miniature robotic computers are task dedicated for specific functions and have their own operating systems.

While these tiny computers serve as a higher ordered brain, talking back and forth, they have modular and core programming to facilitate added programming, routines, or more brain core.

Rechargeable 9-volt and AA Batteries distributed throughout the body maintain center of gravity. The low number of servos combined with extra powerful Nickel Metal Hydride cells is a great combination for maximizing LBC (life between charges).

Parts are taken from various sources inclusive of kitchen tin cans, materials from the Republic of China, and a Toddler robot kit. Four added motions are accomplished with a mechanical mobility core. A miniature mercury inclinometer improves walking on inclined surfaces.

PBASIC Programming software is uploaded to BS2s with a portable Apple Macintosh iBook computer running OSX and MACBS2. The humanoid has its own unique OS for extended capability.

The development brain during "grow up, teach, and test" phases, consisted of tiny OEM computers, solderless breadboard, matrix keyboard, 64K RAM, LCD, controller, speech board, and LEDs. To formulate the range of motion, upper body mechanics were mounted on a large Chinese Cola bottle. Legs were treated as a module. Then, calculated motions were programmed, everything was assembled, and finally, the contents of one brain was transferred to the other.

Seeing the humanoid move slowly, executing Tai Chi Martial Arts with robo-precision, or dance the motions to a heartfelt love song is enough to make lasting impressions on those who see it for the first time! It would be exciting to take MANaTRON across the USA, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, and Indian Reservations, because he speaks the language!


Tilt Inclinometer Controller I/O Computer Network Infrared Vision 6 DOF Servos Speech Synthesizer LEDs (LCD for development) Weight: One Pound About $500 in parts to duplicate

MANaTRON http://hometown.aol.com/mikegotis/myhomepage/photo.html http://www.geocities.com/mikegotis/manatron.html http://www.androidworld.com/prod10.htm http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1& amp;q= manatron+humanoid

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My free Inclinometer Plans - posted in the pictures section http://groups.yahoo.com/group/toddler_robot/

email: mikegotis@yahoo.com

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