29 Jul 2002 mikegotis   » (Journeyer)

Latest log entry, developed designs creating four primary logic controller boards and five secondary function boards. These "green" PCBs are loaded with features, including mini-keyboards, keyboard encoder ICs or PCBs, plug-n-play gold connectors, LEDs, array terminal strips, serial LCDs, and solderless breadboards. The boards give the ability to integrate all the primary functions of a full scale computer, but on a much smaller scale in terms of physical dimensions. The greatest capapcity board has ports available for 6 expansion boards in addition to a large solderless breadboard work area. The smallest board version will fit in the palm of your hand, and includes LCD, micro-keyboard, plug port array, CPU, IC socket and driver, encoder ICs, and a solderless breadboard.

Notes: The Embedded Microcontrollers Array is a new project to create an array of specific microcontroller boards with embedded microprocessors for use in robotic devices and for development, design, and analysis. Additional incorporated designs include expansion array, micro matrix keypad, LCD, memory, power supply, serial communications, and I/O ports.

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