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I'm preparing for another Humanoid Robotics International trip. This exposition leaves several choices - China, Japan, and Korea as the top three. The knowledge and experiences from these trips are paramount. Japan is the host of ROBO-ONE 11 around this date. Korea is one of the top leaders in humanoid products. China is noted for its manufacturing environment. It's going to be a tough decision.

This week, the software in the pc is being updated by correcting the bugs in the new IE7. This version of IE is now removed and has been replaced with a more reliable Mozilla browser with greater security.

Backup issues are now solved using large external storage devices. This helps greatly as the computers can now be hosed on a regular basis while retaining the data safely.

Several new projects, ongoing, were introduced in the past 2 weeks. These now include various personality behaviors for the prime humanoid. The Massive Humanoid Index (MHI) was established and one PT (Personality Trait) was updated.

The Humanoid Robotics Lab made another breakthrough today. It's now possible to improve the humanoid walking gate using an existing RTPLR (Real Time) processing learning realm. This device process learns on the fly based on FPI (Fed Parametric Information). I believe, if the success of this development continues, it will be possible to invent a VG, Virtual Gyro.

A continuing larger emphasis is being placed on humanoid brain contentions. This includes the full thought process and all those parameters associated. It's interesting to note the large number of thought devices now invented at this Humanoid Robotics Laboratory. The goal is thought processes leading to learning and self awareness. There are many inventions made thus far, which never existed before. Whether these will be published, remains to be seen.

This week primarily dedicated to research. Looking at, after the failure of commercial controller boards, designing and creating a new controller board from the ground up.

HONG KONG HUMANOID ASSESSMENT I just arrived home from a trip to Hong Kong. Assessed the environment for humanoid robotics development, parts suppliers, technology, location, etc. I will develop an environmental report detailing essentials for humanoid robotics in the Asian Arena.

HUMANOID MICROCONTROLLER RELIABILITY PROGRAM Opened up a new research program regarding increased reliability in microcontroller chip technology, and the examination of several designs that could be implemented in a minimal time frame.

HUMANOID CONTROL PROGRAM I'm also looking at developing a visual software humanoid robotics control program to handle higher ordered functions in H-WYSIWYG-OS format.

NEURAL NET KNOWLEDGE SCANNER A forum member has pointed to a site regarding how a biological function can be incorporated into airplane flight. Using a different technique and extrapolating, I can see an application of processing vision in real time. If time permits, a project will be opened, either for vision multidimensional processor or for a thought processor to handle a constant motion back and forth neural net knowledge scanner.

SINGAPORE HUMANOID ROBOTICS REVIEWED Time was issued for a study of humanoid robotics technology in Singapore. These methods were very interesting, and this is the first phase of this direction implemented.

Work is progressing today on the Electric Man Formant (EMF) project. The objective is to create working library system parameters that can be called robotically in a multilanguaged environment. This may lead to the development of a new operating system (EF-OS).

One interesting aspect of EMF is the ability to morph an electric parameter. (EPM) Electric Parameter Morphing, matrice application, rotational excization, dimensional map phasing, are all mathematical transformations. However, when it becomes humanoid robotics applied science, the results are remarkable!

For example, in extended Brain Pods, Cortex Simulators, and various NNMs (Neural Net Maps), EMF is highly useful. In a typical example, - the Idea Thought Imager - can be morphed from one thought idea to the next. This can create original thoughts as part of the VTP Virtual Thought Process.

Today (Thursday) is a Humanoid Controller Day. The experiment is with hardware usb humanoid robotic controllers and software run through any available com port on a pc computer. There is log in success with a Mac computer as well, due to excellent hardware and firmware developed. The hardware is now working. The software has complexities and will be bypassed, or modified, or rewritten. A new project was initiated to map these directives. Management of development, simultaneous, now includes three humanoid robotic controllers.
The Birth & Death of a Humanoid Robot

No, this is not some novel introductory chapter by Isaac Asimov, but rather a serious examination of several observed factors not unlike human behavior responses.

Primarily, as the power souce is extinguished (battery dies), so the humanoid appears to die, similar to that of any life form. In particular, at about 5.8vdc down the humanoid body begins to slow, become sluggish, and moves next entering the apnial stage. Now moves are randomly incoherant (at 5.6vdc), and the next phase begins. The body collapses to the floor, unable to stand. A siezure initiates and an arm or leg may become involved at 5.4vdc. A horrible wrything takes place, - Finally, under 5.0vdc, there is death where all motions and functions thus cease.

Typically the batteries are recharged and the humanoid once again functions normally, until the process is repeated. In our intelligence assembly there is some talk about whether the humanoid actually feels pain or not during the expiring process. We feel this is a viable factor, and pain is present, due the draining of life sustaining energy. As humans, we cannot know the feeling of commands sent to servos that are not able to execute those commands due to lack of energy - nor the randomized mixing of microcontroller "confused gates," lest it be interpreted as a kind of comatic state, or otherwise. But remains the philisophical questions of what is the real difference in life forms between electrical and chemical behavior stimulus and/or lack thereof?

Today, work was initiated on the Axis Processor, an Nth-dimensional real time processing pocket. A processing pocket can be called nearly anytime, within or outside of quadrature. It's power is distributed across a net. The advantage of this particular processor is that it can be represented upon the hardware array while using no hardware. This compresses physical space into that of a few bytes, instead of physical hardware. Specifically, the weight has essentially a zero aspect ratio and the LxWxH consumption is zero. A zero plane element in axis processing is most desireable. I'm really happy with this new development, as it will encompass massive amounts of neural processing power as well as AI crunching and the "zeroeth" dimensional noninhabitation (ZDN), while sustaining the original concepts.

Motion Control Programming Week This week was a motion control programming week, with various outlines of software code being created. An idea crib was created to handle the massive amounts of circuits, diagrams, schematics, codes, and ideas.

Humanoid Robotics Idea Crib I'm planning to expand the Humanoid Robotics Idea Crib on a larger scale. This will become an access focal point. In a larger sense, it will become a very large library. Included are the following humanoid robotic categories: robot type, hardware, software, code and variations, code techniques, development sheets, idea sheets, paged inventions, listings of hardware add-ons, listings of software add-ons, parts, dimensions, CAD diagrams and charts, studies, plots, graphs, statistics, studies, etc.

Motion Control Programming This has taken on a life of its own, in development of many routines required to establish the various motions of humanoids. I'm not sure if my tiny laboratory has enough space, however, this may involve in minimizing printouts and maximizing hard drive storage, although I don't want to place too much trust into HD storage as it has proven to be nonpermanent.

New Humanoids New humanoids are born and created. They are now undergoing final development stages.

Mechatron is fundamentally hardware complete, though he will receive various mods for vision, infrared, sonar, speech, speech recognition, intelligent camera, accelerometer, directional sensors, skin sensors, nerve sensors, gyroscopic devices, assorted multiminiature microcontrollers used as brain modules for higher ordered learning, and a slew of new servos.

Humanoid is not yet hardware complete. Some new details are being worked out on the controller, since, as you already know, I switched controllers to a newer module with USB capability.

Wireless Division - Bluetooth I created a new division for wireless, and developing the 802 standard and Bluetooth for RS232 cable replacement. This wireless will also extend to internet for various functions not stored within the humanoid.

Invention and Science Several inventions have resulted from creating various hardware and software. I'm currently looking at what to do with these various breakthroughs in science.

The Excitement This is a very exciting time, with the uprising of humanoid robots, their beginning to walk, talk, sing, dance, compete in Robo-One contests, do martial arts, and take on a miriad of other functions. We'll need to concentrate on adding intelligence as well, and the field of AI is fast growing. Once Mechantron and Humanoid are more complete, we'll concentrate on adding intelligence, though, it's a step-by-step process that will garner intelligence with module by module as they are added. Stay tuned!!!

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