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24 Jun 2002 (updated 26 Jun 2002 at 07:06 UTC) »

Just arrived back from my Japan trip to Robotrex and RoboCup. Honda's ASIMO captured great attention, walking and dancing with fluid motions. One interesting fact is that hobbyists in Japan who have created walking robots have flourished! Every day you can find new web sites from Japan. Robots from HONDA, SONY, FUJITSU, and others are the stimulus.

Here's a great tip forwarded to me by my good friend Koji Yoshino in Japan - the following translation service will help you to read Japanese: http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr

NOTE: I've used the altavista engine and it works well. Sometimes it's loaded down by heavy use and you have to wait for it to free up. It also helps to know some Japanese thinking when reading the translations. For example, a word like photometrics may appear as "reading candle." Many new Japanese words are created by connecting combinations of ancient symbols. Finally, I recommend installing the Japanese language drivers and enabling Japanese fonts for browsing.

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