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I was just accepted as a member of Makers Market, a new showcase of unique tech and geeky products affiliated with Boing Boing and Make Magazine.

It looks like this may be fun. They encourage participants to contribute as well as provide a place to display their wares.



I have a surplus of tiny solar panels and tiny efficient DC motors so I've posted them for sale at 1/2 the Solarbotics price.

Great for BEAM applications.

http:/ /www.robots.stonepile.org/Components.html

I want to thank Robots.Net for the kind welcome.

This is the first robot community I have introduced myself to.
And so far I've been made to feel at home.

I have posted two new projects:

IR RC ROBOT  and   Sola Type 3

At my site www.Robots.Stonepile.org

And available at my shop MiddleCreekMerchants on Etsy.

I will be posting more as I have a chance.

I am really starting to explore the use of PIC Microcontrollers.
They seem to have a great size to strength ratio.
Meaning I am accomplishing much with little code.

I am working on a 3 Servo IR RC Walker.

Feel free to ask questions.
If I can I'll lend a hand.

I have also been commisioned by a museum to create non-solder Sola Type 3 robots for a childrens' workshop.

It has been challenging and great fun.

The prototype goes out tomorrow!

Wish me luck,


I am excited to become a part of this community.

There was a short mention of my robots in the "Random Robot Roundup".
I'd like to say thanks for the mention.

When I am certified, I'd like to share some of my work.

Thanks, Adam

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