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I want to thank Robots.Net for the kind welcome.

This is the first robot community I have introduced myself to.
And so far I've been made to feel at home.

I have posted two new projects:

IR RC ROBOT  and   Sola Type 3

At my site www.Robots.Stonepile.org

And available at my shop MiddleCreekMerchants on Etsy.

I will be posting more as I have a chance.

I am really starting to explore the use of PIC Microcontrollers.
They seem to have a great size to strength ratio.
Meaning I am accomplishing much with little code.

I am working on a 3 Servo IR RC Walker.

Feel free to ask questions.
If I can I'll lend a hand.

I have also been commisioned by a museum to create non-solder Sola Type 3 robots for a childrens' workshop.

It has been challenging and great fun.

The prototype goes out tomorrow!

Wish me luck,


I am excited to become a part of this community.

There was a short mention of my robots in the "Random Robot Roundup".
I'd like to say thanks for the mention.

When I am certified, I'd like to share some of my work.

Thanks, Adam

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