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Thanks to Rob Turner and Steven Rainwater for making me a Journeyer so quick.


I searched for my name on Internet and found that my robot (Mybot) was on display here, so I joined the group. I'm not sure how it found it's way here, but I dont mind, since it helped me find this group. I have made some changes on that robot to make it an autonomous Sumo robot.
I have also built a second robot named Roboccio, that has two legs and can walk. It's not a beautiful walk, but still, it moves forward, and that was my second goal for that robot. The first was to make it able to stand on its own.
Currently I'm trying to build a head for the robot so that it looks nicer. I aslo found a Gameboy camera that I'm trying to use as an eye in the head. I also need to add sensors to measure preasure and acceleration.
I would like to put it on display here, but I'm not sure on how to do that.


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