22 Apr 2002 markgt   » (Observer)

I am planniing to build a sensor robot that is designed to patrol and area around a building a storage building that stores hi tech computer chips for example. This robot will elimate the need for alarm systerms using sensors or cameras. The robot will have tracks so it can climb over anything and it will have a number of sensors including sound,heat,movement,moisture,infa red and vibration sensors i am also planning to put an on bord camera on too. The robot will be abel to learn from its sourndings and set of alarms and react to certern types of information from the sensors using a computer softwhere program. It will be controled by its self so it can patrol night and day with out the need for human intervention and it will be self charging as it can plug its self in to a charger and will have two solor pannels providing 12v trickle each. im not sure what motor i will use but there will be two running on 24v or higher. (one for each track) its should take me about a year and a bit to build but it is only in the design stage on my computer for the moment. if I am allowed to submit an article i will post more information with pictures and video on you site or myne when it is up and running. i am hoping to join a robot club soon. Many Thanks Mark Pepperell

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