13 Sep 2005 marcin   » (Journeyer)

ScaredyBot has been working out at the gym. It's now got a bit of extra physical construction that holds the SRF04 on a servo turret. Under the turret, I've put a small furniture caster under it, so it should have better mobility around the house now. The jiffy-box construction is so far working out.

However, the robot now will be driving backwards - ie what used to be the front is now the rear - yet another code change.

I've taken the bold step of redesigning the motor driver interface as well to accomodate the extra timers required of the other peripherals - I've almost finished my robot- mcu peripheral interface document which outlines which mcu timers, INTs, GPIOs, UARTs etc will be allocated to which functions.

Cheers, Marcin

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