8 Sep 2005 marcin   » (Journeyer)

Slowly, slowly, Scaredy bot is progressing. Most recently I ripped (gently) the SRF04 off the front and mounted it onto a servo turret. Now the servo control is programmed in and working (albeit not working as per theory).

So, I've done some initial tests of getting the sonar head to scan once it gets too close, and it seems to work. I just now have to formalise the state machine and turn the whole thing into a single interface that takes an angle bearing parameter as part of ranging. Hopefully, this will mean that it will be a bit smarter in it's way of dealing with corners.

Oh yeah, but first I have to redo the DC motor drivers to use only 2xPWM timers instead of the four PWMs it currently uses - just need an XOR gate, a couple of inverters and a couple of AND gates. And, of course recode the drivers.

I've also been slowly formulating a philosophical thesis on what the essence of a robot is - ie surely robot != control system, rather robot > control system. But more on that spiritual topic later. I need to update my site (roboteer.net) - still struggling with getting some of the more interesting add ons working.

Cheers, Marcin.

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