18 Jul 2005 marcin   » (Journeyer)

So I got my GP2d02 and SRF04 sensors today, nice. But it seems I need to get a little bit smarter with my use of timers. The M16C has 8 (including 5 PWMs) but with 4xPWM for the DC motors, 1xPWM for the sensor-spinning servo, at least 1 (maybe 2) timers/event counters for the GP2, and I haven't looked at the SRF yet, or future encoders on wheels ... I think I need a redesign.

I know I can halve the PWMs for the motors with the use of a couple of gates - I hate to increase the component count but there may be no option - I'd like to have the ability to control the pwm to each motor independently, hence I need at least 2 PWMs.

This redesing is probably a good time to look at implementing a better structured FSM and maybe some element of subsumption (although I hear it may be hard in software).

I wonder if anyone uses neural nets in mobile robots?

Cheers, Marcin.

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