21 Jan 2007 magnus   » (Master)

"I wish for ... the world domination of robots to be started by the perfect cocktailrobot who will make all lowly humans into his addicted slaves!
Help me help create the ultimate cocktail mixing and serving robot by granting me the financial means!"

Friday night when I did some late-nite browsing of the interwebs, instead of ending up buying something from Amazon, i followed a link from Boingboing and made a wish at Robinhoodfund - and asked for 10.000,- US$.

In case the wish is granted I'll split it up 50:50 to a) sponsor some promising bots coming to ROBOEXOTICA 2007 and b) for the first time provide prize-money to the winners of the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards.

So you can help make this happen clicking this link - http://www.robinhoodfund.com/cast-your-votes/wish/id/ 1168 (and/or make your own wish!).

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