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26 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

monochrom's Taugshow #9 (ROBÖXOTICA-special)

On Fri Dec 8th - during ROBOEXOTICA - part 9 of monochrom's talkshow Taugshow was taped at dietheater/Konzerthaus: download here!

There's a brilliant dialog with V. Vale, Krach the rocking Robot has an appearance, Kal Spelletich burns tries to eat an american flag, sex-blogger Violet Blue gives an insight in her robotic spare-time activities and much more.

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16 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

Everybody's Favorite: Baillette de Sacachorcos

The winner in the Public's Choice Category of the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards was a ballett - a ballett of corkscrews!

Baillette de Sacachorcos by Chris Janka and Beat Spichtig rewarded visitors who inserted 50 Cents into the slot with a brilliantly choreographed dance and was voted for most in the ACRA's 6th category.
Video by St6fan:

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16 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

Cocktail Conversation at the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards

ACRA - 3rd Category, Cocktail Conversation:
The AAACGD or Awesome Automated Artificial Communication Generating Device, which was designed by students Christian Perstl and Michael Wirnsperger of FH Joanneum Graz, stimulated human conversation by applying controversial fingerprint-recognition technology.
Phishing for fingerprints with the promise of free drinks, the device furtherly camouflaged it's evil purpose by issueing confusing fortune-cookie-like statements.
I heard it is already nominated for the next local Big Brother Awards.

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15 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

ACRA Mixing Category: External Combustion Engine

Imagine a cocktailrobot that would mix your cocktail of choice exactly the way you like it best. Without even asking.
Jonathan Moore presented a precursor of such a system - using RFID-technology the External Combustion Engine reads the recipe from a chip, which could be individually programmed for each person.
The demonstration of the device Moore built together with David Fine was not only quite reliable all through ROBOEXOTICA, but also impressed by the visual effect of nitrogen-powered mist of liquids drizzling into the cup.
These young men sure showed how to compensate robotic efficiency with a pleasant appearance.

See the External Combustion Engine drizzle drinks in Geek Entertainment TV's "More ROBOEXOTICA 2006" video!

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14 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

ACRA Serving Category: El Espanol Borracho

This year's winner in the serving category impressed the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards' judges with it's "enlightening" Spanish Coffees served ignited by a flamethrower.
So Simone Davalos, who has worked with SRL and helps organize Robogames and Combots-Events, flew home with one of the deliciously looking Guzman-gingerbread-sculptures.
We congratulate the winner!

Video by Eddie Codel. Video by Stefan Nussbaumer.

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14 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »


Bragofon/Okku.pator - an alcohol-producing installation at ROBÖXOTICA by Michail a Crest & Valie Airport permanently occupied one of Freiraum's bathrooms Dec 5th-10th.
The pre-produced end-result of the installation which had been showing in varying set-ups previously was available at the bar and carries the name Tinctura Artis - a strong herbal spirit.

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14 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »


What a bummr! A day or so before this year's ROBOEXOTICA started I upgraded my account at one of the photo-sharing sites I'm using.
I chose Flickr, because several of the people involved in this year's event have Flickr-accounts and were going to share their roboexotic photos there.
Thought it would be nice to add all my shots to the great pool of roboexotica-tagged photos by people like Violet Blue and ioerror, local friends like Tea610 and lebard's photos from the remote tribute-to-Roboexotica party in Kaiserslautern.

But as it turns out, my photos don't show up in the list of everyone's photos tagged roboexotica!
Because my account is marked NIPSA (Not In Public Site Areas).
"If the images you're uploading either (i) aren't photos, or (ii) are images you've found on the web, stock photos, celebrity photos, stuff that appears to be copyrighted by someone else, screenshots, content that's inappropriate for public areas or full frontal nudity, your account will be marked NIPSA."
So the ROBÖXOTICA flyer and program-folder are THE problem?
Oh yes. Yup, those are non-photos: "Flickr is a website for you to use to share your photos."
Mkay, so I switch those non-photos to "private" and you will consider re-evaluating my account and possibly turn it to IPSA (?) again?
Eventually, yes.
Thanks! Wish I had read and taken seriously Flickr's FAQ earlier. Would have upgraded my 23-account instead!

Update: Actually I just turned the photos to "public" again - Flickr support told me it would be sufficient to use the option "hide from public searches" for the images of the flyer and folder. So that's what I did - hopefully my roboexotica-photos will turn up in searches sometime soon!
Thanks to Flickr-support for being actually there and responding through humans! This is not to be taken for granted in this world we call Web2.0 (ever tried to get in touch with YouTube-support?).

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14 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »


This metal Predator-sculpture was shown at ROBÖXOTICA 2006 by gagshop.at's owner Andreas Puntigam, who had bought it at a fair in Europe, when the Japanese seller was losing weight before getting back to Nippon.
Quite decorative, the Scrapdator would have sold for around €2500,- - if you are interested I'll hook you up!

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13 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

A Message from Kal Spelletich

Kal Spelletich, who took home an Annual Cocktail Robot Award (for "Other Achievements" of his Snappy Jaws BBQ, shared with D. Calkins' Chapok) in 2005 and entertained the audience with his Vino Viper this year, has a message to all Roboexoticans:

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13 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

Gingerbread Cocktailrobots!

Our very dear Expertina manufactured 6 of these gingerbread sculptures of ROBOEXOTICA's logo Guzman secrectly behind the back of her american guests at her home ...
One as a trophy for each of the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards' six categories.
I can only marvel at how she got the figure's details coming out right with the dough swelling and all.
Hosting David Calkins and his wife and ACRA-winner Simone Davalos, Expertina was quite anxious about a spoiled surprise, but the stealth gingerbread-factory stayed unrevealed.

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