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14 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »


This metal Predator-sculpture was shown at ROBÖXOTICA 2006 by gagshop.at's owner Andreas Puntigam, who had bought it at a fair in Europe, when the Japanese seller was losing weight before getting back to Nippon.
Quite decorative, the Scrapdator would have sold for around €2500,- - if you are interested I'll hook you up!

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13 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

A Message from Kal Spelletich

Kal Spelletich, who took home an Annual Cocktail Robot Award (for "Other Achievements" of his Snappy Jaws BBQ, shared with D. Calkins' Chapok) in 2005 and entertained the audience with his Vino Viper this year, has a message to all Roboexoticans:

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13 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

Gingerbread Cocktailrobots!

Our very dear Expertina manufactured 6 of these gingerbread sculptures of ROBOEXOTICA's logo Guzman secrectly behind the back of her american guests at her home ...
One as a trophy for each of the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards' six categories.
I can only marvel at how she got the figure's details coming out right with the dough swelling and all.
Hosting David Calkins and his wife and ACRA-winner Simone Davalos, Expertina was quite anxious about a spoiled surprise, but the stealth gingerbread-factory stayed unrevealed.

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13 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

Annual Cocktail Robot Awards 8.0 - 4th Category

Robotic Smoking Culture: The winner is ... WERP_bot - made in Rotterdam by two Austrians: Gordan Savicic and Leo Peschta.

The bot successfully threw cigarettes into visitors' mouths all through the 6 days of ROBOEXOTICA 2006, aided by facial recognition technology.
The original idea of a cigarette throwing robot even prompted the ACRA's judges to rename the category from previously "Lighting Cigarettes" to "Robotic Smoking Culture and Lighting Fires".
The bot automatically scanned it's field of vision for mouths and triggered by a double clap of hands it started it's fascinating catapulting mechanism.
A real improvement for those who "forgot" to bring their own cigarettes and already bummed from everyone around!

(previous post on WERP_bot)

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13 Dec 2006 (updated 2 Jan 2007 at 15:03 UTC) »


There were quite a few people filming at ROBOEXOTICA - Eddie Codel already put several videos online on Geek Entertainment TV: ROBOEXOTICA 2006 with Violet Blue as RoboReporter, Chapek, WERP_bot, External Combustion Engine, El Espanol Borracho, Distillo, Vino Viper.
Underground media legend V. Vale is preparing a ROBÖXOTICA-special for his SF TV-show.
Stefan Nussbaumer has videos up too: Baillette de Sacacorchos, Welcome to ROBOEXOTICA, WERP_bot, Eiswürfelmörder, Snappy BBQ.
I myself have some material sitting on my harddisk - no idea yet, when I will be able to edit and upload some. The one clip I already got online:

There have been several TV-crews documenting the events - here's the link to a german-language clip from Wien Heute (no longer working).
And last but not least, we have the Reuters-Video, of which we can only speculate to how many homes and where it brought the images of cocktail-mixing, serving and spilling robots.

Additional coverage: CNet photo-gallery, New Scientist, Tiny Nibbles, Towering Flat.

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12 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »


ROBÖXOTICA thanks all participants for coming from near and afar to Vienna to make the Festival for Cocktailrobotics not just the only of it's kind but also the leading one with their crazy creations!

SHIFZ thanks it's co-organizers (groups and individuals) who put their work and expertise into making possible this wonderful mixture that managed to intoxicate the masses once again. As we are already used to, monochrom got some very interesting international guests interested in cocktail-robotics, some of which also were a great help documenting the event.

Thanks to the Museumsquartier and Vitus Weh from Freiraum for their generous cooperation.
Thanks to various initiatives inside Museumsquartier's QDK for lending all kinds of stuff: Teichenberg, pooool, 5upernet, SRL, quintessenz and possibly more ...
Thanks to metalab for housing a couple of Johannes Grenzfurthner's students. FH Joanneum school of information-design deserves gratidude for supporting around 50 of their students in their participation.

Special thanks to Alexandra Zawadil and Karin Strohecker for their much-quoted Reuters report - and not mentioning that the catapulted cherry I ducked hit one of them!
Thanks to all the other media and bloggers who made ROBÖXOTICA 2006 public to an unprecedented extent.

And extra thanks to eSeL and KaCe for trying to forgive the fact that the Tea Cook Robots they built fell victim to water damage and were scrapped Monday morning!

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11 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

ROBÖXOTICA 2006 coverage

My first clip from this year's Festival for Cocktailrobotics is online - Kal Spelletich's Vino Viper and the Nitschesque painting it produced on ROBOEXOTICA's last day.

... And a few other little internet pages have found out about our humble gathering:
Wired, Boingboing, Laughing Squid, Suicidebots, Slashdot, Engadget, CNet, CNN, Tiny Nibbles, Tikirobot, XLTerrestrials, Geek Entertainment TV, Jibber Jabber, Forbes.

Over at our co-organiser monochrom's page I even found some more links: PC Mag, ZDNet!

Our server-houser Aaron Kaplan is desperately asking for more traffic, maybe you can help? ... Digg ROBOEXOTICA

And here are the winners of the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards:
Cocktail Mixing: External Combustion Engine (Jonathan Moore, David Fine)
Cocktail Serving: El Espanol Borracho (Simone Davalos)
Conversation: AAACGD (FH Joanneum Informationsdesign)
Cigarette Lighting: WERP_bot (Leo Peschta & Gordan Savicic)
Other Achievements: DWI-bot (Cyberpipe), Eiswürfelmörder (Rosi Weingrill), & Leichtbekömmlichvorverdaut (FH Joanneum)
Public Choice: Baillet de Sacacorchos (Beat Spichtig, Chris Janka)

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8 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »


Jake Appelbaum
's photo-sets on flickr:
Day 3, Day 2, Day 1

A post on xlterrestrials.org by Jake's friend Pod:
"There seems to be something in the sensual waters of the current Viennese school that will not take the prevalent techno-fascisms lying down. There is heavy resistance full with humor and full-on attack, at least as far as museum sectors can allow for any serious public discourse and deconstructions."

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7 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »


Wired's John Borland paid a visit to ROBÖXOTICA 2006 and wrote a report from the exhibition .
Nice quotes from the builders Simone Davalos, David Calkins and Chris Veigl!

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7 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

ROBOEXOTICA is happening - Now!

On day three (counting the opening night on Tuesday) of ROBOEXOTICA 2006 I finally find some time and internet-connection to give a first report.
First fatality: Simone Davalos - broken finger caused by human failure.
Otherwise there's mostly positive things to report (except of course the failing internet connection at Freiraum, hopefully to be resolved soon) ... Overwhelming afflux on Tuesday night included press, the first results of which we could already see in our local Austrian papers.
Reuters was also here and are sending their photographer today.
The participants are all wonderful and surprised me once again with their original ideas and stylish execution thereof.
Not much more time to go into details - go to Violet Blue's Tiny Nibbles for some in-depth reports:
Roboexotica, Day One, Alcoholocaust.

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