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8 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »


Jake Appelbaum
's photo-sets on flickr:
Day 3, Day 2, Day 1

A post on xlterrestrials.org by Jake's friend Pod:
"There seems to be something in the sensual waters of the current Viennese school that will not take the prevalent techno-fascisms lying down. There is heavy resistance full with humor and full-on attack, at least as far as museum sectors can allow for any serious public discourse and deconstructions."

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7 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »


Wired's John Borland paid a visit to ROBÖXOTICA 2006 and wrote a report from the exhibition .
Nice quotes from the builders Simone Davalos, David Calkins and Chris Veigl!

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7 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

ROBOEXOTICA is happening - Now!

On day three (counting the opening night on Tuesday) of ROBOEXOTICA 2006 I finally find some time and internet-connection to give a first report.
First fatality: Simone Davalos - broken finger caused by human failure.
Otherwise there's mostly positive things to report (except of course the failing internet connection at Freiraum, hopefully to be resolved soon) ... Overwhelming afflux on Tuesday night included press, the first results of which we could already see in our local Austrian papers.
Reuters was also here and are sending their photographer today.
The participants are all wonderful and surprised me once again with their original ideas and stylish execution thereof.
Not much more time to go into details - go to Violet Blue's Tiny Nibbles for some in-depth reports:
Roboexotica, Day One, Alcoholocaust.

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7 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

San Francisco has landed

Today guests from SF have been flying in all day to participate in this year's ROBÖXOTICA. Four batches, counting 10 heads including five alone of the V. Vale clan.
Jake Appelbaum was first to arrive and not to be seen all day as he fell asleep on arrival.
David Calkins and Simone Davalos arrived second with lots of cases full of robots and cool presents . I welcomed them at Expertina's place, where they are staying and from where we walked to Museumsquartier through downtown, stopping at the Adventmarkt between the two historical museums across from MQ for some mulled wine.
When we had arrived at the Kantine to have some food, Johannes arrived from the airport again, bringing in the next batch - Violet Blue and Jonathan Moore. Violet is going to be a lovely assistent to Simone's El Espanol Borracho and Jonathan is part of the External Combustion Engine team, along with Jake.
The Vale clan last but not least have taken their quarters at (Jake's artist residence at) Museumsquartier and Johannes even succeeded in procuring an extra mattress that the Museumsquartier promised but did not deliver via Chris, so everything is fine for today ...
Leaves Kal Spelletich as the last San Franciscan (we know of) to touch down tomorrow morning.

Link to ROBÖXOTICA-2006-photo-set on Flickr.

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7 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

If this is not an "Other Achievement" ...

This I call a hot candidate for the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards ' Other Achievements in the Sector of Electronic Cocktailculture category - a robot throwing cigarettes into visitor's mouths. Health Warning: If this robot hears you saying the word "Tschik" (Austrian for ciggie/cigarette) he will detect your mouth and subsequently fire a nicotine-projectile in it's direction!

WERP_BOT by Leo Peschta and Gordan Savicic (aka ZZZ) will be showing at ROBOEXOTICA next week:
... detecting demanding smokers' mouths via cam motion tracking. A few computational seconds later, an audio-signal indicates that starving smokers should pay a bit more attention, as the robot is preparing to launch the cigarette in its special designed "katapult-like-apparatus". The participant's distance and position are measured by the machine. According to its calculations the cigarette is fired directly into the smoker's mouth. As the cigarette experiences an elegant 180 degree flip, every smoker will be surprised by WERP_BOT's precise targeting system."

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7 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

Program Folder ROBOEXOTICA 2006

With an overview of the rich program of this year's Festival for Cocktailrobotics, a list of participants and works showing as well as a short passage from the symposium's manifesto.

There was also an update in the sponsor-logos section since the flyer was printed - ROBÖXOTICA welcomes Laughing Squid's contribution!

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7 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

Cook Tea Robotics - Help Wanted!

Do you want to step into Kenny Baker's (guy who was inside R2D2) footsteps?
Then sign up to be one of four robots in a human-sized version of the board-game Ricochet Robots, which will be staged by eSeL and KaCe as part of the opening ceremonies for ROBÖXOTICA 2006, only one week from now - Tuesday 5th.

The game is about players figuring out the shortest route to a given point on the board - the first player to say he thinks he knows the best route gets to try it out in the predicted number of steps, the players in our case being the spectators around the giant "board" out on the courtyard of Museumsquartier - and if successful, the player is rewarded with a hot beverage by the robot.
Titled Tea Cook Robotics the performance/game is going to be held twice: at the opening and again on sunday, ROBÖXOTICA's last day.

And apropos the approaching event: I just found this list of Top Ten Lies Robot Builders Tell Themselves by Suicide Bot-blog's Mr. Robotics - let's hope he is able to fight his own self-deception in preparations for his appearance next week!

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7 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »


With the ROBOEXOTICA less than two weeks ahead it is a good time to take a closer look at the logo we've been using for the last 4 years: Guzman.
That's the name of the servile little fellow with the inka/aztec(?) appearance and the clever little details (like the serial interface, screws, LEGO, corkscrew ...)!
Created as a black and white ink drawing by German artist Richard Wientzek it has been colored, cut in pieces and manipulated in various forms since in the different designs of flyers, folders and posters each year.
The original drawing went to Franz Ablinger in return for his private financial investments into the event 2002.

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Another Robot Helper

Another new autonomous robot helper, this one with grippers - ready for drink delivery!

Ubiko from Japanese manufacturer UBIX reacts to voice commands/requests with an "annoying" (AkihabaraNews) synthetic voice and is intended to "replace humans for such tasks as welcoming clients, promote products on site, etc.".


Update: mention on NewScientist, with correct rental price per hour ($445) and mention of other recently introduced robot assistants.

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While the first posters announcing ROBÖXOTICA are hanging around Vienna, the flyer's final version just arrived from Stefan Nussbaumer's creative studio. Click for enlargement!

If you find a typo, please don't notify me - it's going to the printer's tomorrow.

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