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7 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »

Cook Tea Robotics - Help Wanted!

Do you want to step into Kenny Baker's (guy who was inside R2D2) footsteps?
Then sign up to be one of four robots in a human-sized version of the board-game Ricochet Robots, which will be staged by eSeL and KaCe as part of the opening ceremonies for ROBÖXOTICA 2006, only one week from now - Tuesday 5th.

The game is about players figuring out the shortest route to a given point on the board - the first player to say he thinks he knows the best route gets to try it out in the predicted number of steps, the players in our case being the spectators around the giant "board" out on the courtyard of Museumsquartier - and if successful, the player is rewarded with a hot beverage by the robot.
Titled Tea Cook Robotics the performance/game is going to be held twice: at the opening and again on sunday, ROBÖXOTICA's last day.

And apropos the approaching event: I just found this list of Top Ten Lies Robot Builders Tell Themselves by Suicide Bot-blog's Mr. Robotics - let's hope he is able to fight his own self-deception in preparations for his appearance next week!

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7 Dec 2006 (updated 30 Dec 2006 at 14:04 UTC) »


With the ROBOEXOTICA less than two weeks ahead it is a good time to take a closer look at the logo we've been using for the last 4 years: Guzman.
That's the name of the servile little fellow with the inka/aztec(?) appearance and the clever little details (like the serial interface, screws, LEGO, corkscrew ...)!
Created as a black and white ink drawing by German artist Richard Wientzek it has been colored, cut in pieces and manipulated in various forms since in the different designs of flyers, folders and posters each year.
The original drawing went to Franz Ablinger in return for his private financial investments into the event 2002.

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Another Robot Helper

Another new autonomous robot helper, this one with grippers - ready for drink delivery!

Ubiko from Japanese manufacturer UBIX reacts to voice commands/requests with an "annoying" (AkihabaraNews) synthetic voice and is intended to "replace humans for such tasks as welcoming clients, promote products on site, etc.".


Update: mention on NewScientist, with correct rental price per hour ($445) and mention of other recently introduced robot assistants.

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While the first posters announcing ROBÖXOTICA are hanging around Vienna, the flyer's final version just arrived from Stefan Nussbaumer's creative studio. Click for enlargement!

If you find a typo, please don't notify me - it's going to the printer's tomorrow.

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Behold: the official ROBOEXOTICA 2006 banner

Inspired by the banner-like insert Laughing Squid are generously running in their sidebar announcing ROBOEXOTICA, I created this gif-banner featuring three of the bots that showed last year and are expected to perform again this year Dec. 5th-10th.
At least a section of the bots. You still have to come to Museumsquartier to see them in their full splendor!

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ROBOEXOTICA 2006 Program Overview

ROBOEXOTICA - Festival for Cocktailrobotics, Vienna, since 1999
Museumsquartier Wien, quartier21

TUE Dec. 5th, 8pm: Grand Opening / Speeches & Guided Tour of exhibit
9pm (MQ courtyard): Cook Tea Robotics performance (eSeL & KaCe)

WED Dec. 6th, 6pm: Opening Symposium Dreams of Regulation / Workshop & Filmscreening (Thomas Ballhausen)
THU Dec. 7th, 2pm: Artist Talk / hosted by Kal Spelletich
3:30pm: Workshop (V. Vale)
6pm: Peter Asaro
7pm: Heinz Zemanek
FRI Dec. 8th, 11am: Karin Harrasser
12o'clock: Wolfgang Pircher / The British version of cybernetics: operational research
3pm: Martin Meister & Eric Lettkemann
4pm: Jutta Weber
5pm: Claus Pias

9pm (dieTheater/Konzerthaus): Taugshow #9
SAT Dec. 9th, 6pm: V. Vale Show
8pm: ACRA-Gala (Annual Cocktail Robot Awards)
SUN Dec. 10th, 6pm: Cook Tea Robotics performance (eSeL & KaCe)

Exhibition (x) open WED thru SAT 11am-9pm and SUN 11am-6pm
... daily guided tour at 6pm!

(x) Two previous posts on participants: One, Two.

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ROBOEXOTICA 2006 Details Emerging

On Suicide Bots I caught an article on Dorkbot SF in which Simone describes her El Espanol Borracho:
(Foto by Karen Marcelo)
"Myself and Mr. Robotics are going to Vienna for the Roboexotica cocktail robot convention in three weeks, and the wee beastie you see in the photo above is my project - El Espanol Borracho! ...
Yes Friends, The Suicidebots Special Spanish Coffee will be a no doubt potent mixture of 151 proof rum and coffee liqueur, served flaming, with a dollop of whipped cream offered by my Lovely Assistant ™ and Intrepid Girl Reporter Violet Blue.
The whipped cream deployment will probably end up having very little to do with the actual beverage but one does like to offer the option.
The whole thing will be mounted on a custom built and re-purposed Hockey Bot chassis. The Hockey Bots will be a feature at RoboGames 2007, but for now we have assembled one of their number to serve as the Suicide Spanish Chariot. We will add bells and whistles time and innovation permitting.

... The guys from Museumsquartier will definitely "love" the idea of a moving flamethrower and I think I have picked the bot I'm looking forward to seeing the mostest.

In other news Johannes announced the participation of some 50 students from FH Joanneum Graz, where he started teaching. Installations and videos en gros are anticipated to arrive from the province.

A novelty this year will be our use of Museumsquartier's courtyard outside Freiraum (authorization pending) - we plan to have a container sitting out there for the whole week, with exhibit inside and a visible sign of ROBÖXOTICA in the vast compound from the outside.
There will also be a manrobot-sized version of the board-game Ricochet Robot performed in the courtyard, orchestrated by eSeL.

Oh, and Sergey's Alcotron, the Russian Bar Roulette, has successfully been tested at our Freudbot-presentation at WerkzeugH yesterday.
(Video link)

The dorkbot-SF-appearance of El Espanol Borracho was followed up with a field test at the Suicide Robotics Center - of which Violet Blue has two hot videos online: One, Two. And this photoset on flickr.

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Russian Post Office Telegraph online

I like this project very much! Sergey Koutsun, mediaartist from Moscow, just built "Post Office Telegraph" online...

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It's our own fault.
The name was created to be confusing.
The Umlaut "Ö" in ROBÖXOTICA was supposed to be used in writing, while when orally pronounced it was to be "ROBOEXOTICA" - an inversion of the fact that "oe" is pronouncd as an Umlaut "ö" and is an alternative writing for the Umlaut (like on english keyboards, where there are no Umlauts) in German. OE=Ö becomes Ö=OE. Ha-ha.

So far so good.
Of course this was never consistently carried out.
I myself pronounce it differently every other time.

The internet domain is roboexotica.org, of course. On this blog I also have spelled it ROBOEXOTICA all the time, because I think the Umlaut won't show up on computers configured to a different character set.
Still some English-tongued prefer to just write ROBOXOTICA, whis is fine with me but it starts getting confusing here.

ROBÖXOTIKA finally is a cruel typo which took me weeks to even realize on the error-riddled (Sept.31st!!) Flyer for ROBOEXOTICA extern.

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Sergey Teterin in Town

This morning Sergey Teterin arrived in Vienna and he has paid me a first visit - introducing his surprise-entry for ROBOEXOTICA, the Alcotron, or Russian Bar Roulette.
It caters to a vice that is somewhat under-represented at ROBOEXOTICA: gambling.
You choose one of three colors you "bet" on and place your glass on the according color on the board. Then you start the Alcotron by pressing the red button - and wait which color turns up.
If it's the color you picked you got lucky and can get your drink free or half priced, depending on which betting mode you pick.

Sergey's wife, designer Anna Zueva is responsible for the convincing retro-soviet look and feel of the device.

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