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Last week in France,
the InnoC-Team (the guys who are responsible for RobotChallenge) from Vienna won the first prize in the Microtransat competition,
which is organized by french aeronautics university ENSICA: Link

5 Apr 2006 (updated 5 Apr 2006 at 11:19 UTC) »

Here's some coverage of ROBOEXOTICA cocktailrobotics festival 2005, Vienna:
Fotos by Jacob Appelbaum, my own mobile pics / fotostory
mpeg clip from Puls TV
mobile clip of smoking robot on YouTube

... here's links to fotos from previous ROBOEXOTICAs:
2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000

and a fotostory on the "Gondola" - a permanent drink delivery installation.

Oh, and we opened a shop at Spreadshirt, where we have ROBOEXOTICA shirts and other merchandise for sale.

12 Mar 2006 (updated 12 Mar 2006 at 15:49 UTC) »

Linefollowing drink delivery bot Gaston reached the finish line of yesterday's parallel slalom, gracefully carrying a large glass of Irish Coffee ...
instead of a longdrink - as the first event of this year's RobotChallenge started as soon as 10am.

mobile fotos
more blah: on 23hq, on SHIFZ blog

25 Feb 2006 (updated 9 Mar 2006 at 19:08 UTC) »

Our (SHIFZ's) line-following cocktailrobot Gaston will participate in this year's RobotChallenge.
Not necessarily to be the speediest in the parallel slalom race, but to demonstrate other virtues ... like, carrying a cocktail.
RobotChallenge, to be held march 11th in Vienna is "the biggest competition in Austria for self-made, autonomous, and mobile robots ... Different levels of difficulty also guarantee that the competition will be exciting for the robotics-novice as well as for the experts ... A symposium on the latest developments in robotics will round off the agenda."
Gaston was built by Chris Veigl, and I had the honour of decorating it before ROBOEXOTICA 2005 - so now I can call myself a robot-designer too!

today i found this video on video bomb, a Participatory Culture Foundation project ... Robot Wars
nice idea, the costumes they should really have spent more time on, though!

ladies and gentlemen,
ROBOEXOTICA 2006, festival for cocktailrobotics will be held dec. 5th thru 9th. at Museumsquartier Wien
It features the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards - ACRA 8.0, the categories being:
1. serving cocktails
2. mixing cocktails
3. bartending conversation
4. lighting cigars/cigarettes ...
5. other achievements in the sector of electronic cocktail culture
please send in your entries to tender

28 Jan 2006 (updated 5 Feb 2006 at 12:57 UTC) »

this link was pointed out to me by Will Knight of New Scienctist, UK: link

it's a charming little fella, given away by a jap beer-company to loyal customers!

update: OOPS, just saw the link on boingboing with a mention of my very self! link i am stunned.

and will's article is online too: link

update 2: now, here is the related article on robots. net link ... and thank you for the flowers, steve ;)

here's a link to the short version of an article in the Hartford Courant, from nov. 16th: link

anybody read russian? link

27 Jan 2006 (updated 27 Jan 2006 at 22:42 UTC) »

uh long time no write ;)

today i uploaded some pics of roboexotica onto 23hq.com: link

jake appelbaum's photos of the event (and his impressions of vienna) you'll find on his flickr-account "ioerror". tagged "vienna" ...

our own webpage is "in the process" of being updated with photos, audio and video material ..

sooo as i am still recovering from roboexotica 2005,i'd like to share some impressions of this year's event ... kal spelletich from san fran has taught us something about efficiency and reliability with his whiskey pourer, which has been pouring for ten years now - but actually as those are the qualities cocktailrobotics are NOT about, he shared the Annual Cocktail Robot Award in the fifth category (other achievements ...) with David Calkins. Latter won for bringing our now favourite drinking buddy - Chapok ... Kal was awarded the prize for his "snappy" bbq ...

the serving category was claimed by students of fachhochschule mechatronik wien, who had a colorful reindeer as userinterface serving punch (quite convenient, as winter shows it's first signs).

to be cont'd

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