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3 Jun 2005 (updated 3 Jun 2005 at 18:51 UTC) »

Ok, let me start this by telling you, how great this year's ROBOEXOTICA (16th - 20th nov. in Vienna, Austria) is going to be!
Although I noticed it's finally becoming hip for industrial robo-manufacturers to put together a robot-arm cell that will pour you drinks and show them on fairs, ROBOEXOTICA will be the largest congregation of bartending robots so far. Once more artistic approaches stand side by side with industrial solutions and tinkered monstrosities.
On top of this exotic exhibition, where booze is sacrificed for electronic cocktail culture's sake, a symposium with very interesting local and international guests (e.g. canadian sci-fi author cory doctorow has promised to come again) will be held. and workshops. and concerts, lectures, screenings ..

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