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Gumstix is also quickly becoming the new standard for embedded linux due to their modules. Hopefully we will soon intergrate gumstix with Player to make controlling complex robots a very common practice for the average user.

Now, acroname or pololu needs to take this boards and integrate with working copies of player ready and motors/sensor packages.

If anyone knows of these initiatives, I would be happy to assist. Right now I'm working on a gumstix module involving a zworld rabbit 3400 with h-bridges and a simple sensor package.

pyro with their new live CD is becoming a huge success for robotics using player/stage. Now even someone who knows nothing about linux can basically program a robot to do complicated tasks such as track a ball!

The wildfire board from steriod micro seems very interesting, definitely tough competition for gumstix and xscale in terms of price and benefits. I am curious to find where I can learn more about discussion from users about development on the board.

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