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Now you can finally learn, teach or simply enjoy using Arduino in a complete Robotics Kit.

The kit includes motors, mechanical parts and several sensors to explore the different parts and capabilities of the Arduino platform.

Ultimately you will program your Arduino to work in a full control loop coordinating output (motion, LCD) and input (sensors) in a closed control loop.The kit is ideal for learning and teaching robotics, programming and the Arduino platform itself.
The manual included has detailed step by step activities that will guide you through different projects to learn about Arduino, programming, sensors, input and output, electronics, etc.

Additionally the kit poses an excellent proposal for fast prototyping projects and hobbyist activities and the low price tag makes it a great all round kit for all occasions.
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4 Jul 2008 (updated 4 Jul 2009 at 10:40 UTC) »

First 20 people in Europe will be receiving their Robobuilder 5710k this week. The kit is the latest humanoid to come out of Korea and among its features, apart from being the least expensive kit of the lot, it sports the most advanced robot actuators with full user control of P.I.D coefficients.

The robot was exposed for the first time last weekend at the RoboSavvy Humanoid Robot Gathering in Birmingham (UK).

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