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LATEST UPDATES: Will be working on a customised Fuel Injection system on a 92.2C.C 4 stroke engine. I am using an ancient 486 laptop, but that outta do the work. Shall be ripping off the carb off the engine first. Then comes the herculean task of designing or modding fuel injectors, polishing intake manifolds, shaving off the cylinder heads for an increased compression ratio and increased power output. Why on Earth would I be talking about an engine? I just realised that I was making a BIG robot, and I needed something more efficient when it comes to delivering power...the orignal Spiderbot was stripped down, it's legs taken off apart, and now I shall have em' replaced with mini pneumatic tires. I have also realised that I would be investing a lot of time and money in fabricating the F.I system, so as of now crude pulleys pull the throttle cable which is attached to the carb. I have never posted my pics because this robot of mine is constantly evolving, it started from a small thing that just pranced around like a toy to something that may give sports cars inferiority complex!!!!..... Why? Engine produces 7.4 horses at 7500 Rpm, and the approx robot weight is 40 Kgs. Power to Weight ratio is a cool:(7.4/40)*1000 = 185Bhp/tonne. The final gearing is ridiculously short, and naturally because it should be able to tackle any terrain/gradient....

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